Dita Von Teese starring in interactive Perrier campaign
Nylon Studios recently conceptualized and created a musical score for Perrier’s new interactive campaign, starring the lovely Dita Von Teese. Nylon was approached by production company The Colony and Ogilvy Paris to create a sultry soundtrack for the campaign’s innovative user-driven website. The site offers a game in which a lingerie-clad Dita strips and seduces in a variety of scenarios in a luxurious Latvian mansion.

Nylon composers Johnny Green and Jack Milas, in tandem with audio mixer Dave Robertson, created a sleek, adaptable soundtrack which gives nods to the musical stylings of Chris Isaak and Nick Cave, while adding a burlesque twist. The final score slowly builds at the right moments simulating a live musical performance and commercial sound – a combination rare in web content.

Nylon Studios mixing engineer Dave Robertson remarks, "The music aesthetic evolved over the whole project to a perfect balance between racy and recognizable."

Nylon Studios continues to build its portfolio of interactive musical projects; another recent gig included creating the sounds for the Puma Index, a site that measures stock market conditions, via Droga5.

Commenting on the special requirements of making music for interactive applications, Nylon Studios Executive Producer Mark Beckhaus comments, “Making music for online advertising campaigns generally requires a contemporary, more boundary-pushing style. Musical tracks for mainstream commercials are usually geared to appeal to a broader, mass audience and thus a more conservative approach is generally taken. With interactive music and sound design opportunities, it is understood that you are targeting a specific / niche audience. In the case of Perrier, Nylon was permitted a lot of creative freedom to push the boundaries' of the selected musical styles.”

Take the tour with Dita here www.perrierbydita.com.

For more info visit www.nylonstudios.com.