Nylon Studios recently teamed up again with Droga5 and production company Revolver - this time to create a new commercial for Cascade Brewery Co. Titled "Brewed by Feel," the spot follows a chatty brewer biking casually along a dirt path through idyllic country fields.  The brewer barely pays attention to the path as he describes how Cascade beer is special as it is brewed by "the feel."

Nylon composer Blair Joscelyne created the spot's music and notes his creative approach, "I really wanted to get in touch with how the brewer was feeling as he rode along.  There is something very normal about a bike's slow stroll, but this spot has a slightly unsettling humor as he never watches where he is going. I think this normality, mixed with something a little off, was key to creating the music."

Blair experimented with live instrumentation and collaborate with other members of the Nylon team during the composition process.   He notes, "My aim was to create a piece of music that meandered along, matching the character as he travels through a rustic landscape.   I skipped the usual clip tracks and orchestrated layers of music - opting for the clarinet and pizzicato strings for their fun and vibrant qualities."

Fellow Nylon composer Scott Langley, a talented instrumentalist, provided the playful reed timbre on the clarinet.

Describing his experience of the project, Blair says "It was quite fun to work with the director Steve Rogers who keys into a slightly off-beat, simple humor.  Also, this beer company is out of Tasmania where my family is from. My dad was pretty stoked that I worked on something from his hometown!"

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Agency: Droga5 Sydney                            
David Nobay - Creative Chairman
Duncan Marshall - Executive Creative Director
Cam Blackley - Creative Director
Cam Blackley - Writer
Kirsty Galmes - Art Director                      
Paul Johnston - Head of Broadcast
Jamie Clift - Business Director
Esther Knox - Account Director
Angus Ingham - Account Manager
Sudeep Gohil - Strategic Planning Director
Toby Harrison - Strategic Planner

Production Company: Revolver
Director: Steve Rogers
Producer: Pip Smart
Executive producer: Michael Ritchie
Cinematography: Geoffrey Simpson
Music: Nylon Studios
Editor: Alexandre De Franceschi
Post Production:  Fin Design & Effect

Cascade (CUB)
Peter Sinclair - Marketing Director
Mim Orlando - Brand Manager
Rachel Veltman - Assistant Brand Manager