Nylon Studios recently completed the music and sound design for a new TV commercial for Canada Dry. Nylon teamed up again with young star directors, Josh and Jon Baker, aka Twin, to add sound to the spot, which portrays several young farmers working the fields at Ginger Farms.

The narrative takes a surreal turn when one farmer is excited to find a bottle of Canada Dry dangling from the roots of the crops.   Investigating further, another farmer unearths with a mighty tug a whole Canada Dry vending machine.

One of Nylon’s goals was to bring a younger, more contemporary sound to the visuals of farmers in the field.  To achieve this, composer Scott Langley of Nylon’s Sydney office created a track that takes Southern acoustic rock and then adds some contemporary punch.   Speaking to the creative process, Nylon says “Idyllic country scenes in tv commercials are usually accompanied by something equally as sweet musically. However, the narrative in this spot is quite surreal and we wanted something that, without giving the game away, lets you know this was not your usual day on the farm.”

Nylon also wanted the music to maintain the earthy realness of the spot at the same time.  The studio says, “We approached the track very much in the way we would if we were actually producing a real band and creating tracks for their album.   This meant removing ourselves from the “virtual” recording studio and rolling in our real amps and all of our gear: old school mics, guitars, preamp, etc.”   After testing out a dozen or so singers the studio went with their very own Nat Joyce to provide rock vocals.

Since its birth in 2002, Nylon Studios  has become one of the world's most awarded and recognized music and sound houses. Working from their boutique studios in New York and Sydney, Australia, Nylon Studios is home to a team of uniquely talented composers and sound designers. By combining their diverse industry experience, and with a philosophy of a collective approach to all projects, Nylon Studios is an incubator for innovative thinking and teamwork.

From their beginning, Nylon Studios has consistently produced the most cutting edge and original music and sound design. During their brief history they have won all of the major Australian advertising awards (including Australian Creative "hot shop" 3 years running) as well as an LIAA for Best Original Score, and the Grand Cannes Prix.

Nylon Studios was created in response to the conveyor belt mentality surrounding other music and audio post facilities. By focusing their talents specifically on music and sound design for television advertising, Nylon Studios provides its clients with the highest quality music and audio services including music composition, sound design, FX track-lay, mixing, voice recording, ISDN recording plus Dolby cinema mixing.

Working throughout North America, Australia and Asia, Nylon Studios has produced music and soundtracks for many of the biggest agencies on some of their major campaigns including Nokia, Sony, Target, JC Penney, Ford, Toyota and many others.

Agency: Mcgarry Bowen
Production Company: Rabbit
Directors: TWiN
Music: Nylon Studios
Composer: Scott Langley
Sound Design: Dave Robertson