What We've Been Up To...

            It's been awhile, but we've been busier than ever. Recently, we created and took part in a short film festival, Pocket Fest. The idea of Pocket Fest came from Global EP, Mark Beckhaus. Teaming up with Inner City Filmmakers and local production companies, directors could use nothing more than their talent and the Kodak PlayTouch pocket camera to create a two-minute film. The ICF is a pivotal part of the festival. The disadvantaged students from the ICF were involved in all different elements of the festival. This made the film festival more than your average short film festival.

Nylon Studios provided the sound design and music for these films. We worked with top-notch directors including Workhorse Media’s Angela & Ithyle, Foundation Content’s Focus Creeps, Harvest Film’s The Hoffman Brothers, Gartner’s Ted Melfi, B-Reel Film’s The Colony, Bob Industries’ Harry Cocciolo, Independent Media’s Tom Foley, Superfad’s Justin Leibow, Insomniac Content’s Mel Rodriguez, Tool of North America’s Matt Ogens, and City Film’s Kevin Donovan.
The support Pocket Fest received did not go unrecognized. The events wouldn’t have been possible without the support from Ellen Knable/EKA, Michelle Morris, Poolhouse, Gabrielle Schary Casting, New Hat, General Editorial, Butcher Editorial, Union Editorial, The Mill, Mike Persichina, and Jordan Lister.
The first screening of Pocket Fest took place out in Los Angeles this past September. The event was such a success that brain behind Pocket Fest, Mark Beckhaus decided to hold another screening in New York City. The exclusive New York event took place at the Soho House on November 29th. The New York screening was an intimate event but all of the short films were played on the Kodak jumbotron in Times Square prior to the event.
Be sure to keep an eye out on Nylon Studios as we plan to make “Pocket Fest” an annual short film festival. As our motto says, “From small things- comes something big”
Check out the videos on our site. Also, feel free to take a look at the pictures from our NY reception here

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